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1. Hakuna Matata was an elaborate ploy from Timon and Pumba to get Simba to eat bugs instead of them. Use what you have to insure your survival. #BeLegendary

2. Don’t let negative experiences make you a negative person, be legendary.

3. Be content but never complacent, be legendary.

4. Life rarely ever gives you what you ask for, but when it does, appreciate it and hold on tight to it, Be Legendary.

5. Just because change is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Don’t hold yourself back Be Legendary.

6. Don’t expect to receive what you aren’t willing to give.

7. There’s power in the application of wisdom. Be Powerful, Be Legendary.

8. In order to get on the highway to success, one must first find a vehicle and get licensed.

9. We are all put on this earth to leave a Legacy, Be Legendary.

10. It’s time to stop dreaming and go after what you envisioned for yourself. #BeLegendary

11. Be the you who you dream to be. #BeLegendary

12. Don’t allow negative people to destroy your positive vibe. Be Legendary.

13. All that we truly need to be happy is something to be enthusiastic about. #BeLegendary

14. Don’t fear failure. Fear, fear. Be Legendary.

15. Ignoring your haters will place you on another level and will cause your haters to question their actions.

16. A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere unless you change them. #BeLegendary

17. There’s nothing wrong with change when the change is for the better, Be Legendary.

18. It only costs a smile to be nice to someone, Be Legendary.

17. You’re wasting life if you’re not trying to leave a legacy, Be Legendary.

19. Money means nothing without happiness…. #BeLegendary

20. In order to truly be a winner, your losses ought to be recognized as victories. Be somebody, Be Legendary.

21. Our brains become magnetized with the thoughts that we fill it with. Attract positivity, it’s time to Be Legendary.

22. Every failure plants in you a seed for success.

23. Nothing gets better by being bitter…. #BeLegendary

24. Whoever they said you couldn’t be means nothing because they have no power over your life; Be Legendary.

25. Imagine all of the sperm cells you had to fight just to get an egg, you’re proof that you can do anything. Inspire yourself; Be Legendary.

26. Procrastination is a still, silent thief. Don’t let him in your house.

27. Often we say we’re in love but we’re actually in lust; lust can easily move on to the next, but love endures.

28. A wise mind possesses an unlimited amount of treasure… seek wisdom, seek to be legendary.

29. Don’t overthink it, just go for it. Be Legendary

30. Change is stressful, it’s what makes rocks become sand and sand become glass.

31. Tears are created from pain and so is strength, so what can cause us to cry can push us to be strong.

32. Travel the path the universe has laid before you and you’ll find your destiny.

33. It’s time to blossom, it’s time to be legendary.

34. We all have flaws but we can’t allow our prides to stop us from fixing them when they’re made evident. Be somebody of integrity, be legendary.

35. Even the strongest of us gets weary… No one can hold a plate for eternity without having to put it down.

36. Spending time with yourself and your thoughts is the most important form of intimacy one could have.

37. Build strength by becoming strong in the areas that make you weak.

38. However tall you can stand at your weakest is the ultimate measure of your true strength.

39. When you find joy, you find life.

40. Both people have to be right for each other or else the relationship will be wrong for both people

41. You’re your first priority, be sure to always put you first, no one will ever care for you the way you care for yourself. #BeLegendary

42. No need in chasing what’s gone because y’all are obviously traveling at different speeds in different directions.

43. Love is a dangerous emotion, kingdoms have been conquered and destroyed over it. Be careful who you love, be legendary.

44. Maintain full control over your joy and peace, never allow anyone to possess power over it. Be Legendary.

45. Is this what you really want out of life? Stop procrastinating and own your destiny; Be Legendary.

46. Be more than what you say, let your actions birth greatness, be legendary.

47. Speaking on who you want to be and what you want to do means nothing until you become silent and actually do it; Be Legendary.

48. Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Legendary.

49. Life is full of wisdom, open your mind and learn something new today.

50. Escape the negativity and surround yourself with positivity… Be Legendary

51. It’s imperative to not want the blessings that others have obtained, we know not the curses they’ve overcome to gain them.

52. Know your place and stay in your lane, don’t wreck yourself trying to see what’s going on in someone else’s

53. Stop, take a moment and enjoy the air because, the next moment isn’t promised.

54. Don’t ask people for support if you’re not willing to support people.

55. We all need a moment away from reality, dream on.

56. If we want joy, we have to stop indulging in misery.

57. Go after what you deserve, Be Legendary.

58. What better day, than today to begin to be legendary.

59. It’s too difficult to keep others strong when you’re feeling weak. Build your strength first, then help others.

60. Words are powerful, they can change everything. Be mindful of what you say. Be Legendary.

61. We can’t allow what makes us strong to become the destruction of us.

62. We all need someone to talk to when the world around us gets crazy, if not, we’ll become crazy. Don’t isolate yourself. Be Legendary.

67. Man, sometimes the right thing is the most difficult thing in the world, but you have to do it to be legendary.

68. Take responsibility for your actions, it’s the only thing you have control over. Be legendary.

69. A little bit of selflessness can change the world, Be Legendary.

70. Treating others how we want to be treated should be a reward within itself.

Pain will either break you or make you stronger, make the decision, Be Legendary.

71. Sometimes Life wants to see what you’re made out of. Don’t let it get the best of you, be legendary.

72. Lies always come to the light. Exemplify honesty at all times, integrity is worth more than worth.

73. If you’re not passionate about something, there’s only so much of you that you could give to it.

74. Learn from the shortcomings of others with humility. They could give you the wisdom to go further than they have.

75. Don’t think you’re above those who failed, because you could be one step away from falling yourself.

76. There’s some mistakes in life that we can’t recover from, but we can learn from them so we don’t repeat them.

77. Don’t corrupt yourself with the presence of negative individuals, be greater, be legendary.

78. Do what will make you happy or resentment will devour your spirit, be legendary.

79. Find what brings you peace and hold tight to it.

80. Life’s a social experience, but not everyone socializes on the same level. Be legendary, find new ways to connect with people.

81. If you’re not getting the results you want in life, change!!!!!! Be Legendary.

82. Don’t miss out on life waiting for everything to be perfect, Be Legendary.

83. Be great, even when you don’t feel like it. Use everything, Be Legendary.

84. Jealous people are going to hate because they hate themselves. Ignore them and do what gives you satisfaction, be legendary.

85. Do more than have purpose, live purposefully, be legendary.

86. Feeling lonely is a feeling worse than death. Be there for someone, be legendary.

87. Don’t be quick to judge, things aren’t always as they seem.

88. Push intimidation out of your way, there’s too much work that needs to get done.

89. It takes courage to find freedom, Be Legendary.

90. Hard work has never made someone unsuccessful.

91. Mapped out goals shows us where success is located.

92. Accept that you aren’t perfect and be legendary.

93. Go for it, hold nothing back from yourself and achieve the unachievable. Use everything and be legendary.

94. Don’t stop at becoming a king, rule the empire, be legendary.

95. Pain provides the destruction needed to build something better.

96. Allow your drive to be so strong that it makes you unstoppable.

97. If you have haters, chances are, you’re doing something right. Let their hatred be a compliment to your success, be legendary.

98. Can’t no one stop you, be who you dream to be, be legendary.

99. Learn to be a fast learner because life is a cruel instructor.

100. Will you be forgotten or will you be legendary?

101. Your integrity shouldn’t be a reflection of how well someone treats or doesn’t treat you.

102. Pain is the evidence of growth.

103. Anyone can want success, but how hard are you willing to work for what you want to be legendary?

104. Be brave, try something that you’re afraid of, you might like it.

105. Be strong, don’t allow laziness to stop you from achieving greatness, be legendary.

106. Take action, you can’t accomplish anything by just sitting idle, use everything, be legendary.

107. Now is the perfect time to go after what you want.

108. When motivation gets in sync with determination, nothing can stop the two from reaching their destination.

109. Be careful to not allow your weakness to overshadow your greatness.

110. Don’t give up, your greatest accomplishment is only an inch away, you just have to reach a little further.

111. Use your failures as lessons of what not to do to launch you onto the road of success.

112. It’s much easier to create an excuse than to create results. Stop looking for what’s easy an be legendary

113. Be driven to be legendary.

114. The only place fear will take you is nowhere.

115. Negativity is cancerous, you have to kill it as quick as possible or else, it’ll destroy you.

116. If perfection is all you seek, then all you seek is failure. Live to be great, live to be legendary.

117. Your greatest strength can be found in your pain.

118. Having a self-entitled mindset will prevent you from obtaining the greatness that could be yours.

119. Stop walking around wishing and start chasing after your dreams.

120. Negative people are typically lazy people; be greater, be legendary.

121. Remember, your integrity has more value than money.

122. Don’t be deterred, be determined, be legendary.

123. Don’t box yourself into a place without hope, live outside of the box, be legendary.

124. What motivates you to be legendary?

125. Don’t let the difficulties of life deter you from achieving your goals.

126. Be the person you wish others would be, be legendary.

127. Bitterness is the source of negative thinking.

128. Be better than yesterday today and be better than today, tomorrow. Be legendary.

129. If no one ever taught you the right way, then teach yourself.

130. If you don’t like your past, then you won’t like your future unless you change your present.

131. The day you stop improving yourself is the day you become ungrateful for having life.

132. If all you do is dream, you’re sleeping on your potential.

133. Whilst on the road to success, be sure to enjoy the scenery.

134. Stop waiting on success to find you, get up and find it.

135. Become your own inspiration and you’ll inspire others.

136. Stop leaving your fate up to people, be accountable for yourself, be great, be legendary.

137. Consistency is what’s needed to make anything great.

138. People are going to watch your life, make sure you’re giving them something worth watching.

139. Never give up on yourself, you can do more than imaginable.

140. Stop verbalizing what you’re about to do, show us.

141. Don’t allow your motivation to die, it’s what keeps your hope alive.

142. Failure is just life teaching a lesson.

143. Good morning all, be the best you today.

144. If you’re not giving your all in all that you do, your limiting your potential to be the best you.

145. The greater the consistency, the greater the success. Use everything, be great, be legendary.

146. Success favors persistence.

147. Foolishly, small minds often think little of great ones. Be great, not a fool, be legendary.

148. You don’t need to be perfect to be great.

149. The most valuable gift that anyone could give, is knowledge.

150. Don’t let the shade of others darken your bright day.

151. Stop waiting for opportunities, start creating your own.

152. Knowledge is the baseline for every man’s advancement, acquire it.

153. In order to achieve anything, you must be bold enough to go after it.

154. Wanting success means nothing. The amount of work that you put into gaining it, means everything.

155. Putting money in a bank is easy, saving money in a bank requires discipline.

156. Let nothing hold you back. You can succeed, believe in yourself.

157. No one can stop you from becoming great, you’re your own competition.

158. Surprise yourself today, do something extra to add value to your life.

159. Don’t allow corrupt people opinions, corrupt the opinion you have of yourself.

160. Truth is, we don’t have the power to make the world happy, but we have plenty to make ourselves happy. Focus on yourself and not the opinions of others.

161. Out of all the good that a person does, why do we tend to only highlight the bad?

162. Stop saying you want to be successful and take the necessary steps to actually become it.

163. Today is your day, go out and own it.

164. Be excited for now, because a now is the only moment you’ll ever own!

165. Success is created, not freely given!

166. Anyone with discipline, determination and dedication could accomplish anything.

167. We can’t avoid loss but we can replace loss with gain.

168. Be awesome in reality not just on social media.

169. Being negative uses the same amount of energy as being positive, why not be the better of the two?

170. Don’t think your darkest hour is your final hour, the sun always rises in the morning.

171. An ugly attitude makes for an ugly face.

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