6 Steps To Easily Control Your Thoughts

6 Steps To Easily Control Your Thoughts

Everything starts with a thought. so you must exercise wisdom and be careful as to what you allow to influence you.

“If you don't control your mind, someone else will.” ~ John Allston

1. Read About Who You Want To Be

Reading is the best step towards having control over your thoughts. It’s quite simple, no one can do anything without learning, observing or imagining how to do it. Books give you all of those great tutors at once, to imagine, observe and learn how to do anything. When you read a book, it really puts your mind to work and challenges you to go and think beyond what your mind already thinks.

2. Be Careful What You Watch

Our eyes are gateways to our mind and soul. What you let in can and will affect you for a lifetime. So you should be careful as to what you watch. Though the news tells you allot about what’s going on in the world, it cripples you often into storing up negative thoughts because the news rarely reports anything positive.

In order to control your thoughts, you need to begin to filter out the negative things that you see. With all of the negativity on the web, social media makes this a little easy. By allowing you to block and unfollow people who post and share things that you don’t agree with. Take full advantage of these features and fill your timeline with good, positive and happy feeds so you can begin to train your thoughts and have better control over what you think, speak and do.

3. Listen With Caution

Not every song is a good song and not every advice is good advice. You are bombarded with all sorts of content at once and in order for you to be able to properly control your thoughts, you have to take control of what you allow to enter into your ears.

Our ears are gateways also and like a castle protects its kingdom by monitoring what comes in and out of it for the safety of its people, you ought to do the same for the safety of your mind. When you hear a negative song come on the radio, change the channel as quickly as possible. When you hear your friend gossiping or complaining, shut it down. Change the conversation into something more positive in a compassionate way. You don’t want to give negativity any opportunity to live around or within you.

4. Watch The Company You Keep

The people that you keep close to you are often the ones who tend to do you the most harm. Yes, your close ones may love you and you may have a deep love for them also, but this is sadly true. Have you ever had a cousin say that you couldn’t become that basketball player that you dreamed of becoming when you were younger, or your mom may have discouraged you from pursuing a career as an artist, or maybe your uncle never had a successful relationship and may have passed his doubts about finding true love onto you. In most cases, it’s not that they are trying to tear you down. In their minds, they believe they are trying to save you and help you. They often don’t realize the harm that they’re inflecting on you. Though it might be unintentional, it is still destructive. It goes back to that concept, to listen with caution.

I’m not saying you have to kick them out of your life but you do need to create boundaries with them. Maybe you could try talking to them whenever they shoot down with negativity and inform them of what it’s doing to you. If they become non receptive then you may have to distance yourself from them a little bit. Remember, your sanity is the most important thing in the world. If they are receptive then awesome, you can invite them on your journey to be legendary.

5. Monitor What You Say

The power of life and death resides on your tongue. If you call yourself a failure every time you fail, or lose than that’s all that you’ll be. But the same goes for speaking life on your life. If you say you can do it when you lose or you tell yourself that you’re better than this when you fail, then that’s what you’ll ultimately become. We are what and who we believe we are. By placing a filter on your tongue, you open the doors to become anything that you set our mind to become.

6. Stop Dwelling On The Past

When you think of something, your brain, subconsciously tends to put it on repeat. And it doesn’t help when you intentionally bring up negative thoughts that happened in the past. What could’ve been and what should’ve been didn’t happen, so it doesn’t benefit you at all by wishing and hoping something in your past happened differently. By following the steps listed above they will help you to stop dwelling on the past. But the most important thing is, you have to want to change your way of thinking before you can truly control your thoughts.

When you have control over your thoughts you have control over your life.

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